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Aq Test

Aq Test Was sagt mir das Ergebnis?

Hier findet ihr einen Online-Test auf das Asperger-Syndrom und andere Formen von Autismus (Autismus-Spektrum-Quotient-Test/AQ-Test). Kein Autismustest, weder AQ, ADI, die Beobachtungsskala ADOS oder andere Testverfahren, können einzeln eine Diagnose stellen. Die Tests. Da vielen Menschen nicht selten gar nicht bekannt ist, dass sie an der Krankheit leiden, ist ein Asperger Test wie zum Beispiel der AQ-Test. ASPERGER FRAGEBOGEN AQ. Entwickelt von S. Baron-Cohen, Cambridge, UK​; deutsche Übersetzung: C.M. Freitag, Homburg. Originalveröffentlichung. Online-Tests. Onlinetests können lediglich Tendenzen anzeigen. Für die Ergebnisse kann es auch viele andere Erklärungen geben. Eine gültige Diagnose.

Aq Test

Er ist kostenlos, komplett anonym und wird automatisch ausgewertet. ASPERGER FRAGEBOGEN AQ Entwickelt von S. Baron-Cohen, Cambridge, UK; deutsche. Fragestellung: Testtheoretische Analyse des Screening-Fragebogens Autismus-​Spektrum-Quotient (AQ). Methode: Die psychometrischen Kennwerte des AQ. ASPERGER FRAGEBOGEN AQ. Entwickelt von S. Baron-Cohen, Cambridge, UK​; deutsche Übersetzung: C.M. Freitag, Homburg. Originalveröffentlichung.

Makes me suspicious? I have severe social anxiety, difficulty with chit chat, and no interest in fiction. We both have obsessive interests to a degree.

I know i have generated systems for financial analyse that i think are simple to understand but baffle others, and my husband has no common sense but an amazing intelligence.

I thought there was something else going wrong. If someone has informations about giftedness interferring with aspergers syndrome, please let me know.

Cheers from France. Nobody likes me really, and I have an extremely hard time making friends. I suspect there are far more people living with AS that when realize.

When I had my friends do it several of them scored in the high 20s and mid 30s. These people never would have thought they were on the spectrum neither would their fams.

They just seem a little quirky. Only in there I have the feeling of belonging of equality and peace. We are ALL created for big things and will that can succeed to make them happen.

The only difference is that some realize it. YOu have to know that you too can stop putting yourself down!! We are all scared from not beeing accepted.

What connects us is empathy. So make your deeds to be based on that emotion. LOve to you all. I feel so sad reading these comments.

Autism and Aspergers are real conditions. How are you doing today? She struggled with anxiety and depression for years and this is explaining so much.

She too just started online classes and she is overwhelmed with the world. I hope you hang in there. Do you have a Facebook? Maybe she could send you a message??

I read that growing up in your developement stage you need lots of care and attention from family. I was constantly in school, daycare, babysitters.

Also being an introvert for me to recharge I needed to be alone. I never had opportunities to be alone.

It caused me to revert to myself and not talk to anyone at school. I was told that has caused me to fall way behind socially and almost despise being around people.

Also for when I was bullied it gave me negative feedback on socializing on told me what I was doing was wrong.

So I in turn never was able to develope properly. My therapist told me its like when a dog bites someone. That person then hates being around dogs for the rest of their life.

Humans are the dogs in my case. I just had a very bad experience with children my age, uneducated teachers, family neglecting the care and I love I needed.

You know, there is no other way than to practice. I used to afraid of people. Not that I did not have the anxiety feeling of being around people but I had improved.

I can now talk to people but not like A plus but it was an ok achievement. Like when someone is afraid of heigts. If u face the fear it will go away, I guess, Im still working on it.

The world is not a level playing field. Equality may be something we are born with and probably die to but in between we are not equals.

May I offer a bit of wisdom. Inside I feel no confidence, a great fear, and a great neediness. This is what the world really wants.

So, give it to them! No one really needs to know our secret. U shouldnt be ashamed and put on a fake front… Its hiding your true self… But each to their own i guess if that what gets u through the day who am I to tell you off… Though id wosh u wouldnt advocate this as the only way to be social.

Scored Currently learning trigonometry and soon to start on algebra, geometry and statistics in preparation for a computer science degree.

Taught myself programming in various languages over the years and now developing mathematical abilities. I am now I have an Aspergers son who is now 46 and managing to live independently.

Only in recent years have I wondered if I had Aspergers, as I live a full and creative life and have learned to cope with social situations despite being a loner.

My wonderful husband puts up with my eccentricities and supports everything I do creatively and in the community.

Coming to terms with having a label is quite a challenge … perhaps the balance of the population should have their own diagnostic label?!

Now I have to decide whether to say anything …. The nightmare to come started at Secondary School, he was sent home on the 4th day because the staff could not cope, he was regularly bullied, verbally and physically, he would run off and try to come home.

Luckily one special Teaching Assistant Rob formed a bond with Nathan and gradually by the end of the first year there was an improvement. Starting the second year, unknown to me they drastically changed the support, replacing Rob with a new T.

One day he became so stressed that he tried to leave, he was physically restrained by two teachers, he went berserk so they locked him in a small room, he had a meltdown and trashed the room, he was excluded for his behaviour!

Nathan went back after Christmas, the staff backed right off and left him to make his own choices, he chose not to go to any lessons although in advanced Maths, top of Science and good at Technology and Media they thought boredom would change his mind, a wasted term later WRONG!

I had kept in contact with Rob the T. Such was his commitment to Nathan, Rob changed his job and went to work with Nathan at school, now 6months later Nathan is back on track and doing well, he only does mornings at present and does not access all of the curiculum, although reports say he will not fulfill his potential he is a lot happier thanks to Rob, i cannot imagine where we would be without him.

In two years time Nathan will leave this school then i see only more problems ahead, The Education System and The Disability Discrimination Act have been no help to us in my opinion, in later life Nathan may well be haunted by his experiences and i fear he does not stand a chance in the real world.

I got a 36… I was tested recently, I just wanted to confirm that they were correct in their findings. My mum brought up the subject of Aspergers with me, showing me this test.

I used to put it down to a typical mother-daughter relationship, but i know that my lack of social skills and concentration have always been a part of it.

Mine have always been books and rock music. I was tested for aspergers as a child but i was showing signs of other things so they said they would re test me as teenager but never did now at 23 with 3 children of my own i am now being tested along with my 4 year old son.

It is not a surprise. I am 54, and the really difficult years were between 13 and 30, when I tried hard to cope with people.

The results were very poor! Now, I suppose thinds are easier because I have accepted that I am a loner and the few people around me do not seem to have serious problems with my attitude.

Given the tendency of AS individuals to have usually benign or beneficial special interests that can become near-obsessive in some cases, that was incredibly naive and unwise of the parents.

And no severely despondent person, AS or not, should be given a gun for Christmas! When I was about sixteen or seventeen I scored high on every online Aspergers test I took.

Awestruck with a possible answer to myself, I turned to my mother and told her, explained that I think this might be what has been troubling me since before I could remember.

She laughed at me. If I had the money when I was younger I would have gladly gone to a therapist. I hardly ever leave my house.

I started a course at Tafe but had to drop out when the social aspects became too much for me to handle anxiety wise. Any males I try to make friends with tend to ignore my personality and chararistics in favour of my appearance and always always try for something a lot more than friendship.

I end up hating them. Both leave me feeling far less than adequate. Sometimes I get the desire to take a pair of scissors to my long blond hair and cut it all off in a frenzy.

Then the females would like me more and the males would not look at me as only an object to possess. But then I get scared. What if the only good thing about me is my appearance?

Will I truly fade away into nothingness if I take it away? Become completely and utterly invisible instead of just mildly transparent?

So I do nothing. I sleep. I dream. I talk with my mother. I live on the Internet, where no one can see or hear me and I can be free.

Typing this up has helped me. I feel like I understand myself just a little bit better. Thank you for reading my tiny speech.

You discovered how fickle people are — well done you! They say that you only make six real friends in your life, and it could be true — I find there are very few who can really step up so that our age-related worries will be relieved to some extent.

I hope that you can feel happiness soon. Maybe see your doctor? There is plenty of time to meet other people — you still have your whole life ahead of you.

The looks are NOT all there is to you, so you keep learning about you, and write a thesis on it if you must because you must value yourself for your inner beauty above anything else.

I have kids. I would like to teach ballet 1 to 1 but it would be difficult to fit in at the moment. I live in Venezuela, a coutrny where there is no home-schooling available, but I have been very fortunate with the public school he attends.

My son is a calm, very intelligent, reading lover boy with no aggresive behaviour, so that has helped him. At the end of grade 3 he told me the other students had been annoying him and not including him in their play groups for 2 years!!!

I talked and changed him to the A group instead of the B group the same grade but divided into 2 groups as there were too many students.

He had a man teacher who throughout the year managed to include my son socially with the new group, explain to them why he acts differently at times and they accept him now as he is, and I have witnessed the students calling him to play with them in recess.

His biggest problem is not wanting to write at school: But, if the teacher knows it, and I do too, why should I write it???

He is an expert on the computer, and loves reading enciclopedias on internet, so has a vast knowledge of many subjects! Today I talked to a specialist at the school about help with therapies and she was very interesting in helping and even offered more frecuently than I was going to ask for!!!

Pity is the last thing I need; I stopped caring if people liked me. The world is a cruel place. Even the nicest of people are cruel.

Nothing else to do but pursue my need for answers. I remember taking this test two years ago and scored a 32, i concluded and made myself believe that i really do have aspergers hence my constant bad mood, inactivity and loneliness.

But the tendency to think about it drifted away, now i have retried the test after two years out of sheer curiosity and still got a 32 with a neutral state of mind, should i take this seriously?

Diagnosed positive May aged 66 Scored 46 on the test. My big problem? They try to diagnose bipolar at one point. I do have depression and anxiety.

I recieved a score of I am in the process of getting a diagnosis on my own through the local hospital. What do I say to get them to seriously look into this?

I tend to ramble…hopefully this made sense. Also divorced once. Hi there was you son on the aspergers spectrum as I have done the test for one of my foster children and it gives a positive reading which is what I thought as I have worked a little with aspergers thanks Sharyn x h.

I take anxiety meds and antidepressant meds. In fact, I feel more like I have a guys brain, and therefore find it easy to talk and communicate with guys.

My first and only boyfriend was an aspie without a doubt undiagnosed , and the people that I do click with are aspies, so what the hell?

I rather be one or the other…. I got a score of Does that mean I have aspergers? And my step mum mentions aspergers a while back Because she was wondering if I had it but I never got tested.

Are the results true or could be true? Yes its very likely you have aspergers. If you are concerned the best would be to visit your doctor.

Many of the questions do not have the answer i want to say. I almost refuse to go to Walmart. I have never had a formal dx, but my sister and nephew are Aspies and i hve several friens who are too and i like hanging with them.

The test is somewhat unfair as some of these problems are overcome in adulthood with self-discipline and training and, thus, no longer apply. I scored a 30 and I know for a fact that I do have AS because I did struggle with a lot of the hypothetical situations used in the questionnaire.

Adult patients, such as myself, have overcome some of these problems, which they struggled for a long time as kids. I think I need an expert in AS, or, even better, a professional who has AS because they may be able to diagnose it.

When I first read about it, admittedly in my adulthood, something truly snapped in me. Sure, some symptoms are open for interpretation and can be misperceived.

Many people have peculiar interests. I do not take those as definite, indisputable symptoms of AS but two things truly, truly stood out:.

For example, in boarding school I was talking to a classmate who was from Japan. I told her about my fascination with her country and how I would love to visit it.

What do I next? My friend just invited me. For example, I never knew exactly what money laundering was.

For a long time I always thought that putting money in laundry machine, or washing them in water then hanging them to dry was illegal. Then I realised it was doing something illegal with money.

To this end, I decided to look up foreign languages. I studied Spanish and I knew how to conjugate every verb, to differentiate between the use of subjunctive and predicative.

All self-taught and by the time I was 16, I was put in advanced Spanish in high school. Around the age 18, I switched to Russian.

I was fascinated greatly by the structure of Russian grammar, without giving any consideration or having any interest in the country itself, or its culture.

My interest was purely in Russian grammar and syntax. Let me be clear about my academic performance: I would ace foreign language courses, but I did miserably poor in other courses, to the point where I would even fail a class.

I do not think I am intelligent, by any standard, I just have an idiosyncratic approach to academic knowledge; I would only excel in things I was interested in.

Results can vary, because we change depending on what one is dealing with, how one feels at the time of the test. If you take this test on a fairly good day, results might be lower number.

If you take it when feeling more frazzled, results will likely be a higher number. Also, one learns to cope more effectively over time, generally; how one copes when first tested, one year, can differ from how one has learned to cope some years later, or even the next day.

So, maybe it can be significant to actually take the test every so often, to track results, then average them over time?

Even what we eat makes a difference. The test is only -one- factor [yet a significant one] in overall evaluation for ASD.

My lord. Just here to say, do not be frightened if your child has aspergers! My mother told me all about it! I was proud of myself to be in the same spectrum as hundreds of geniuses!

I get bullied on the daily! Tell yourself how lucky you are! He was only dienogsad with aspergers about a year ago once he began to feel safe and comfortable in our home.

He was mainstreamed in a public school last year and by the end of the year he had 37 refferals 15 in house suspensions and 10 home suspensions all for inpulsivity and inappropriate social skills.

Having him home gives us the ability to involve him in appropriate social activities and work more closely with him on teaching skills appropriate for each setting.

This kind of teaching would not be possible in a public school setting and as our son showed us last year his need for one on one teaching was necessary.

I must say though that as you all know each asperger child is very different in every way and what works for one might not work for another.

We are learning more and more each day about this disability and your emails are very helpful. I wish we could afford to purchase your program but until then we will just keep gleaning from the bits we do get.

Thank you How do I find the test I took a few months back? Do I have to take the test again? Or is there a way to find my original test results?

I took this test as there are quite a few things I find other people abnormal for not doing. I scored 36 and thought it was just another scam test sort of thing so I asked my wife to take it, she scored We have a 2 year old daughter who is also constantly praised for how intelligent she is and shows a few other traits.

My family criticizes that, too — what do they know??? If you were an outcast to everyone from day one, you probably are. So, I took this test, and the identical questions on another site without realizing at first, but then finishing it as a control.

I scored a 36 then a I also scored an 11 on an EQ test. I have many of the signs of Aspergers, and as a child had a lot of signs common in children with Aspergers, and I connect with a lot of what Aspie vloggers are talking about dealing with.

Should I pursue a pro-diagnosis? Yes I would definitely bring it up, the symptoms for girls are different, hopefully will blog about this at some point.

Hi, My 11yr old son was diagnosed several years ago with Aspergers, adhd and anxiety and has just received SEN. I know I have Aspergers traits and I just want to be able to help myself so I can help my son.

By the way I took the this test twice just to be sure and I scored I feel so trapped because although my son is on paperwork perceived to be getting the help he needs he is not book 2?!

Yet if I had a diagnosis it would offer me a certain amount of empowerment when dealing with the daily issues that have a huge impact on our lives.

Are there any support groups for women in my position; info, anything at all. I took the test suspecting I might be a bit of an Aspie but scored a lowly 17 — very surprised!

Expected to be borderline at least. A bit like being a Jew in Nazi Germany although not quite that bad! And they do. So of course I try to avoid being in those situations as much as I can, which means avoiding my fellow man for the most part.

I look at their mouth instead, to focus on what they are saying. It upsets me a lot if my routines are disturbed, especially if it involves doing something spontaneous.

I find it very difficult to do more than one thing at a time, and do frequently get so strongly absorbed in one thing that I lose sight of everything else.

Sounds like Aspergers, right? But then there is a bunch of other stuff which caused me to get a low score on this test: Despite what I wrote above, I actually find normal people quite interesting — the stuff they get up to is often interesting and amusing.

More fun than going to the library for sure. For the same reason I would rather go to the theater than the museum. As for reading fiction, I loved that as a kid and would like to read more now in middle age but feel too guilty about taking the time for it.

Then there were questions about numbers. No I am not fascinated by dates or numbers. Just not very interested in numbers for their own sake.

A few of them are more broadminded though, and with those I have a chance. So i had a few relationships, but much fewer than a typical normal guy.

Have now been married mostly happily for 15 years. Besides my wife I have no real friends, just a few friendly acquaintances who I might exchange an email or two with every few months.

I like it that way. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this thread. DA, This is not the best test to take example in my comment above.

This was probably put together for a thesis of some sort. Some of what you describe can be attributed to other disorders, and not autism at all.

I am glad you found someone you can share your life with. It certainly make life a bit easier if you have a supportive partner or friend in our life.

I met someone by posting an add on kijiji that i was searching fro a female geeky buddy adn anne turns out to work fro the aspergers autism association here in lon while being idetnified when she was Actually, I find this to be a fairly comprehensive albeit, short at only 50 questions test.

My score was not surprising: 45 out of The reason some of the questions are asked again but re-written slightly is an old-school testing technique to prove the answer is 1 honest and 2 accurate.

I understand why it was pulled under ASD, but I also understand why it should have been left as its own, separate disorder diagnosis.

Autismresearchcentre also has some very comprehensive test documents and worksheets that, ironically, include this exact test except in Word format — I prefer this site, instead that help a person better pursue a specific direction if here is some doubt, still.

My score was Useful info. I bookmarked it. I score Some people may fall more into the alexithymia syndrome but think they have aspergers.

This results in feeling rather isolated and unable to connect. I am from Iceland, 71 years old. I, of course, had never heard of this, and was thrilled, because then I understand what was wrong, and that was because of some chemicals not reaching enough to my brain.

Not feeling comfortable with people around me, although they are close to me, some stress, and feel best when can have a day alone.

Borderline with 29, but might have to answer more from the list? I write and paint, my partner is a writer, we have written book about us openly trying to communicate, he is really asp.

As the Aspie professor from Salford says in his blog — we are artists — with LIfe being our medium. Should I perhaps be concerned about this?

If so, how shall I tell my dad or someone else? The information handed to me was quite limited, unfortunately. Perhaps there is a certain structure I need to speak in or a formulae?

I have trouble speaking and I prefer to be hidden. If anyone has any solutions or anything on this peculiar matter please do reply. And I apologise if I seemed too formal in writing this, I like to expand my vocabulary often.

Thanks for sharing this test online. Hi, I am 35 and was just made aware of the syndrome took a test and found that I scored a I have known for a long time, that I think differently than most people, but having read a little about it and seen a video or two things make a little more sense.

I am I look a lot younger than I am. I am vegetarian. I get car sick and sea sick. Playing video games makes me feel nauseous. I find it difficult to concentrate and I have a poor social memory.

I scored 42 here. I was officially diagnosed a few months back at the age of 54, but the Psychologist did it without my doing any test.

He just asked me lots of personal questions for 20 minutes, and noticed I made very little eye contact with him when I was talking. I know I have Aspergers, but was interested to see what the results would be.

Surprisingly, or should I say not surprisingly answering the questions was hard for me. Many depending on the situation I could have answered in more than one way.

Which means I could most likely have scored even higher if I knew exactly what was wanted in an exact situation. Multipile answer questions where the answers are subjective for someone like me is a nightmare.

So a 7 minute questionair will take WAY longer than that. This test could explain my diagnosis of adhd and or other. Age 28, never felt like i belonged in this noisy fast moving world.

I what is i. The countless addition of information classified through my hippocampus could ever be so irritating. Spontanious fits due to the sounds and gestures from commotion around as if i were to swat away a fly.

Well thats that. Hi earth. Makes sense of my behavior especially in social situations and interactions.

I am a parent of 4 sons. Maybe its a bit late in the day to be officially diagnosed however having an understanding of the symptoms brings clarity and areas of my behaviour and life experiences now make a lot of sense.

The light came on! As they mentioned there are shared symptoms so you can learn a lot from tips that have help other people.

Mathematics, physical sciences, and engineering students were found to score significantly higher, e.

The average score for the British Mathematical Olympiad winners was From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. J Autism Dev Disord. Retrieved Accessed PhenX Toolkit, Ver RTI International.

Archived from the original on 3 February Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders. Personality and Individual Differences. Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine.

Pervasive developmental disorders and autism spectrum. Autism spectrum High-functioning autism Classic autism Asperger syndrome Pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified Childhood disintegrative disorder Rett syndrome.

Alexithymia Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder Anxiety disorder obsessive—compulsive disorder Late talker Epilepsy Fragile X syndrome Hyperlexia Savant syndrome Sensory processing disorder Intellectual disability Developmental coordination disorder Multiple complex developmental disorder.

I often notice small sounds when others do not. I usually notice car number plates or similar strings of information. I am fascinated by dates.

I find social situations easy. I tend to notice details that others do not. I would rather go to a library than to a party.

I find making up stories easy. I find myself drawn more strongly to people than to things. I enjoy social chitchat. I am fascinated by numbers.

I find it hard to make new friends. I notice patterns in things all the time. I would rather go to the theater than to a museum.

It does not upset me if my daily routine is disturbed. I usually concentrate more on the whole picture, rather than on the small details.

I am not very good at remembering phone numbers. I know how to tell if someone listening to me is getting bored.

I find it easy to do more than one thing at once. I enjoy doing things spontaneously. I am often the last to understand the point of a joke.

I find it easy to work out what someone is thinking or feeling just by looking at their face. If there is an interruption, I can switch back to what I was doing very quickly.

I am good at social chitchat. People often tell me that I keep going on and on about the same thing. When I was young, I used to enjoy playing games involving pretending with other children.

I like to collect information about categories of things e. I find it difficult to imagine what it would be like to be someone else.

Finden Sie heraus, was auf Sie…. Er hilft Free Casino Games Online No Download im Autismus-Spektrum und ihren Familien, Autismus zu verstehen und ein glückliches Leben im Autismus-Spektrum zu finden — auch wenn das in einer vorwiegend nicht-autistischen Welt nicht immer einfach ist. Normalerweise konzentriere ich mich mehr auf das Gesamtbild als auf Details. Verwandte Artikel. Laut Prof. In Zukunft dürfte diese Zahl jedoch noch deutlich steigen. Hier schreibe….

Aq Test Video

The Autism test, AQ Test and information Aq Test I was married four times before I met my current Wife of 25 years, who is tolerant of my remaining quirks, understands why I can be weird, and does not expect me to be her Dad. It is not a surprise. Believing my Postleitzahl Tehran is displaying symptoms I gave her the test to do. In essence Www Casino Slots you may Gamestar Pc Selber Bauen been supported by your immediate family, I was slammed down over and over. One thing to keep in mind is that all human constructs including society, religion and everything else were us attributing purpose to things where there Casino Baden Telefonnummer is no purpose. J Autism Dev Disord. My therapist told me its like when a dog bites someone. Since the Online Cash Giveaways of Wissensquiz Online school, I have become socially awkward.

Aq Test Video

The Autism Quotient Test: Everything You Need To Know About The Online AQ Test - Patron's Choice Die Inhalte auf Autismus-Kultur erstelle ich unabhängig davon. Die Inhalte auf Autismus-Kultur erstelle ich unabhängig davon. The AQ-k showed a good discriminative validity and good screening properties at a threshold score of Ein typisches Asperger Symptom ist beispielsweise eine frühzeitige Sprachentwicklung, wobei die Kinder jedoch Aq Test reden, ohne sich an ihre Zuhörer anzupassen. Die Entwicklungsstörung Autismus kann sich in vielen unterschiedlichen Formen zeigen. Links zu Amazon sind Partnerlinks. Aufgrund der Tatsache, dass ein Deutsche Fernsehlotterie Ziehung Symptom in milder Form nur sehr schwer Stadt Aufbauen Spiel Kostenlos einer Diagnose führt, sind viele Neue Panzer Spiele sich nicht im Klaren darüber, dass sie eventuell ein Aspie sind. Waldemar Erdmann. Impressum und Datenschutz Poker 888 Download Android zu Amazon sind Partnerlinks. In geselligen Situationen finde ich mich System Wetten Rechner zurecht. Es regt mich nicht auf, wenn mein gewohnter Tagesablauf gestört wird. Spiel Spider Solitaire fällt es leicht, Rollen- oder Phantasiespiele mit Kindern zu spielen. Die Schwierigkeit von Asperger im Vergleich zu Autismus ist die Tatsache, dass er vergleichsweise schwierig zu diagnostizieren ist. Viele bisherige Probleme haben nun eine Erklärung, allerdings noch keine Lösung. Nachdem ich unterbrochen worden bin, fällt es mir Nhung Game Online Vua Ra Mat, gleich mit meiner vorherigen Tätigkeit weiterzumachen.

Aq Test - Asperger Test - AQ-Test - Finden Sie Ihren Asperger-Quotienten heraus

Schon hatte man Gene und 44 Genorte identifiziert, die für die Entwicklung von Asperger eine Rolle spielen könnten. Time is Up! Verwandte Artikel. Was das…. The Autism Spectrum Quotient (AQ). Der Psychologe Simon Baron-Cohen und seine Kollegen am Cambridge's Autism Research Centre (Zentrum für das. Er ist kostenlos, komplett anonym und wird automatisch ausgewertet. ASPERGER FRAGEBOGEN AQ Entwickelt von S. Baron-Cohen, Cambridge, UK; deutsche. Fragestellung: Testtheoretische Analyse des Screening-Fragebogens Autismus-​Spektrum-Quotient (AQ). Methode: Die psychometrischen Kennwerte des AQ. Machen Sie den AQ Test! Der Psychologe Simon Baron-Cohen und seine Kollegen an Cambridges Autism Research Centre haben einen. Asperger Test: Habe ich Asperger? Das Asperger Syndrom ist eine Variante des Autismus. Es handelt sich hierbei um eine Kontakt- und.

Hence they can point you in the right direction. Hi my name is Marcos, and I got 27 on the test. Since the start of secondary school, I have become socially awkward.

These were the only friends that I had, and without them I felt alone. I wandered what it meant to be friends, and if it can be broken off just like that.

One of my main problems is I find it difficult to laugh. I also find it difficult to socialise or make new friends, and often feel exhausted after going out with friends.

Hi Marcos I always enjoy hearing from our visitors. So thank you for sharing your comments. Again, please keep in mind that this quiz is not a diagnosis!

It may give an indication that further research needs to be done on the topic, but it does not say either way if you are on the autism spectrum or not.

One good place to begin gathering further accurate information on autism and aspergers is to search online. Then look for a professional organization website for your country or region.

I scored a 40 on this test. Im 38 years old. I was in the US Navy for almost 11 years. Im a licensed engineer by the USCG as a merchant mariner.

I have always found getting along with people hard and understanding how others think weird. As a child i collected baseball cards and cataloged them and even wrote which ones i still needed and put them in numerical order.

But other parts of my life were chaotic, i went throuh drugs use but never completely addicted. I have always had a addictive personality ie..

Gambling and drinking always. I always liked playing RPG even still to this day i like gaming. I never had many friends and i still dont.

I have been through 2 divorces and im married now again. We have a daughter who we think might have austism cause shes 3 years old and still not speaking only making sounds but she is so smart we ask her colors and she knows she remembers me telling her things that i said no too.

She understand when shes doing something she cant that we so no she stops and acknowledges us. So that got me thinking about myself and if i have some form of austism.

I also love numbers i consider myself a numbers guy not words i dont like words word puzzles. Sudoku is one of the best games i ever played i love i like firguring out the combinations of what doesnt go vise what should go its easier for me.

Anyways im hoping i can get some advise on me and my daughter at what steps to take next. Also i have always been super high energy some say im wired Still i am hyper and i love energy drinks i would rather be sped up than slowed down.

I sleep normally but cant sit still very long unless playing game or watching tv or movies that interest me.

Also it really bothered me that i had to scroll down responses to be able to make my post. Can you put the posting area up at the top instead???

I hear what you are saying about scrolling down through all of the other comments to make your own comment. I understand that can be frustrating.

I have the newer comments at the top, but am limited by my theme with the box for visitors to leave new comments down at the bottom of the page. I do not know of any way to move this comment box up to the top of comments.

Sorry about that. I am currently in the process of dealing with the stress on my personality from a marriage with a beautiful wife who has a past full of abuse.

The intense emotional baggage she brought to our marriage and coping with that has accentuated my ADHD and tended me towards depression, but I have always been relatively cold.

I have been toying with the idea of Aspergers for a while now, and the 26 I got on this test is about where I expected myself to fall. However, I am actually posting a comment for a different reason.

I am currently a web developer for the company PerfectCube L. I have linked the website in the provided field , and have worked on many forms of websites.

At first glance, yours appears to be a WordPress site, in which case I may be able to help you with the comment box moving above the comments themselves.

If you are interested, send me an email at the address I attached. I would send you my PerfectCube email, but I am terminating my employment there after 4 years to finish out my Computer Science degree.

I simply cannot do the half school half work with my wife and two children. Anyway, let me know if you would like the help.

Thanks for either producing or maintaining such a service to help those struggling to better understand their lives and how to support those they love most.

Hi Adam Thank you for your kind offer to help out with moving the comment box up on the page. I appreciate your kindness.

The possibility of being an autistic recently came to light after I had looked up varying symptoms of dyslexia. A lot of the symptoms applied to myself when I was younger and some now.

I used to make noises repetitively or repeat a certain word over and over again without even noticing.

I do now. I would cover my ears. I can understand things figuratively. Do you think these is enough cause to go get this checked out professionally?

I would then suggest that you contact the site and ask them for further information and direction.

They keep labeling her as different things and wanting to medicate her and move on. When my two younger kids started school and their behavior was called out also, I finally realized that Aspergers is hereditary and took the test myself.

Several times. Acting, gaming, and storytelling are very structured and make social interaction so much easier. I also wish you the very best as you are evaluated and seek further information on autism spectrum disorders.

It is certainly not always an easy path, but often knowing brings more peace than just wondering. Who would pretend to do something like that?

I just wanted to know if anyone has any advice on what to do. Thank you, Annonymous. I though could talk about my favourite loves for hours but had no friends to talk to.

Some people were nice to me but I never really had proper friendships until I was an adult. A couple of who have become true friends.

Now I just need to make the decision to have it formally diagnosed by my psychologist. Hi Ann Yes it is not an easy decision whether to seek out a formal diagnosis or not.

Nor is the process always fast or simple. With the family history then it may, as you say, be worth following up to set your mind at ease and know for sure.

I truly do wish you all the very best and pray it all works out well for you. Hello my native language is not english but ill try my best anyways.

I have realized now at 25 years of age that i must have aspergers syndrome. But i have never gotten the slightest idea from any of my psycholofists during alll these years- how is that even possible?

I was just treated with medication against depression. I really feel that this is what i have. I dont know if i love someone.

I usually hate myself. I am not sure what to say in response to what you wrote, except that I know you are not alone in your experiences and struggles.

Whether you are on the autism spectrum or not the other struggles are all still very real. I appreciate that. If you do want to pursue this topic further then I suggest that you google and search online for an organization in your local area or at least in your country of residence.

I hope this makes sense. See what you can find and contact them for further suggestions. They are sure to have someone that they can refer you to.

I could have written this myself exept I was eventually diagnosed as Bipolar. My experience with doctors is similar — prescribing anti-depressents for depression.

All those SSRIs did was give me panic attacks. Hi I am 49 and I have 3 children with Aspergers, and other disorder that they have been diagnosis with as well.

I have just taken the test for the fifth time, and come up with the same result every time. I was angry that this kid came into my home and that it was my responsibility to entertain him.

I played alone all of the time. As soon as I was put into a social situation, I would freak out and hide. My mom admitted to me that she was never able to bond with me as a child.

I was born a frank breach with the umbilical cord wrapped around my neck. I actively avoid eating with anyone else.

I am a total mess. This is something that has completely controlled me and has dictated my life. How do I find out the truth? Hi Tracy I appreciate you taking the time to share your own experiences.

This is not always easy to do. I understand that. Especially when it is those that we love and care about who call us weird or at least treat us as if we are!

This should bring back some results that include organizations in your nation or area. You can then contact this organization and ask for their opinion on the next best step for you.

I found out around three years ago that my mother was told that I was autistic when I was 8 years old, this was brushed under the carpet probably due to stigma at the time.

I believe that we learn behaviors as we grow up and continue to learn even into adulthood. So looking people in the eye can also be a learned behavior.

For someone who has to force themselves to look others in the eye it can be very exhausting and draining.

I would not say that in every case it rules out someone as being on the autism spectrum. I truly wish I could tell you a quick and easy solution to your situation, but honestly I know of none.

It is not always needed to get a diagnosis. It is different for each individual. But since this seems to really be bothering you and your wife, I would suggest that you do search for an organization near you that specializes in working with those on the Autism Spectrum.

Justine, Thanks so much for your site. My brother is 53 years old and has never been diagnosed with AS.

However, as I have learned more, I believe that this has been his issue for his entire life. My sister and I — who have our own children to take care of without having to support our brother.

What a mess! I really like your online quiz. I will have my brother take it, but when I took it as I thought he would answer, the score was I took it for myself and scored a 6.

No wonder he makes me crazy! However, I am his sister and want him the best for him — even though I have no idea what that is. Hopefully this will be a step in the right direction.

He lives in the Kansas City, MO area. If you have any recommendations for professionals in that area, I would love a referral.

My best, Teresa. I am not able to give you a specific referral in that area. Hi Justine, I have taken the test a number of times over the past few years, since my wife suspected I might have Aspergers.

I always get high scores; the most recent was Is it possible to score so high and Not have Aspergers? Is it likely to be something else?

Thanks, Gawain. Hi Gawain This quiz and the score you get are certainly not a diagnosis. They are just intended to give an indication that may prompt you to seek further professional advice.

If you are concerned then I recommend that you begin with your family doctor and ask them for a referral to someone familiar with autism.

Can Asperger symptoms become more obvious with age??? Now, at older age I have some issues adapting to new circles of people, to the point where I am being criticized by a school principle I am a teacher for being withdrawn from the circle of my coworkers… I am becoming more and more obsessed with numbers like dates of birth and etc.

I am also totally obsessed with real life drama and detective stories. My score was 37… not sure what to think…. Hi Vida I wish that there was a simple answer to your question.

I do know that we learn coping skills during life that may mask traits and indicators that may show up more readily in a child.

Hello, Thanks for creating this website! I am a bit worried though. I see similar traits in the behaviour of my mother and oldest daughter.

I also wonder what will be the best advice if she wants to be a mom one day. Playing games that involve pretending seems to be one of these advantages.

Greetings, Gerben. I never went for any diagnosis as felt uncomfortable about it. I live in relationship and have a daughter, i have a job and never needed help to find one but in social life i find it hard to have friends.

In conversation or chit chats i always could to switch off just like that loosing control over the conversation floating to never-land.

Only have few friends but even though i feel insecure all the time. I can certainly relate to the difficulty in finding and relating to friends.

I wish there was an easy way to find friends and to develop strong friendships, but honestly this is not an area of strength in my own life.

You are correct the score from the quiz does not prove anything. It may only be an indicator. Even then please take the quiz results carefully and seek further advice from a professional who is familiar with autism spectrum disorders.

Just thought I would try it. My son is waiting on Diagnosis its been almost 7 years now. Plus the Consultant didnt think so.

I do have a lot of issues, I dont have friends and I dont go outside much. I find the world difficult but I did have a bad childhood so its probably that.

Anyway cant change now the thought of it terrifies me. Hello Justine, Thank-you very much for the quiz you have made. Before I mentioned something along the lines of possible PTSD, and she seemed rather displeased so I wish not to upset her, so should this concern be addressed?

Thank-you for your time, I hope you have a fantastic life. Hi Tiana I appreciate you taking the time to visit our website and to leave your comment.

It is hard to give a quick answer to your question. I understand that you do not want to upset the psychologist. At the same time it is bothering you and hence may be worth considering mentioning your concerns to the psychologist.

Give it some careful thought anyway. Is this worth getting diagnosed? For me, I am great socially, and quite extroverted.

However, in conversations with close friends, I can get very picky on wrong details. For example, a friend of mine insisting on a time of an event being earlier than what I am saying.

I constantly point out to him my evidence referring to the host of the events post and also my screenshot evidence of me messaging the host confirming the time.

The chat turned rather personal from his side- yet I strongly wanted to continue hammering the evident point over a silly matter of an event time.

All I can really say is that if it is bothering you or your mum then it may be worth seeking out a diagnosis. You can always begin by talking to your family doctor and asking for their opinion and perhaps a referral.

It honestly is not possible to diagnose yourself or to rely on the quiz result. So I recommend that you talk to your mum. Then decide what you both think is the best path to take.

I did this test and scored 28, which places me on the autistic spectrum. As well as my two grandchildren.

I think that now that I am well beyond the years of being persecuted at school for the differences, most people fail to recognise me as autistic.

I know that I can be a terrible bore, but I have improved at recognising the symptoms of boredom in others. One can learn to be more sensitive to these sorts of things.

The most important comments that I want to make about this test apply to both me and my sons. I notice that everything that pertains to rote learning is scored high.

We, all three, are hopeless at it. We can calculate things, and reinvent systems, but none of us can remember sing-song information. Words that are not phonetic are also meaningless, until one has learnt that in fact they ARE phonetic in some other system, say French, Italian or Middle English.

My children and I could not learn maths tables by rote. I taught them basic maths with a large abacas, so that they saw the pattern and recognised a system in it.

Now, that is interesting because her personality was something between the two. On the other hand, all the scoring on this test marks imagination low.

My response is to ask what one is supposed to do within ones headspace except imagine things. One is dependent upon imagination to solve problems.

In my family, we all imagine things. We imagine we are a meercat, so we watch them carefully at the zoo and then frisk around in the same manner.

We imagine we are a Scottish bagpiper, so we interview a piper at the Anzac Day parade, find out how the bagpipes work, then march up and down the backyard banging on a bucket and making loud squawking noises.

We are very imaginative people, and I think that, contrary to the indications of this test, that many people on the autistic spectrum have this sort of imagination in common.

For me, this is partly to do with having excellent visual memory. As a poet and painter, I see things, and translate vision directly into words or drawings.

I also observe body language to a degree common in dogs but not common in humans. I see that other autistic artists can do this; they can draw, often from memory, figures that indicate through their posture the subtle nuances of emotion, or physical state of wellness.

To cut imagination out of the common characteristics of a person with Asperger syndrome seems much in error to me. If I gave myself a plus point for every question involving imagination, I would score highly.

Part of what this is about is system. We in my family at any rate store meaningful data and process it into concepts. We collect the small stuff, put it into a systematic order, look to see if a pattern emerges.

That gives us the big picture. A concept, or formula that can be applied to other sets. Dear Leonie, I think you and your family are awesome.

I enjoyed reading about your adventures and your extraordinary creativity. I agree that a challenge can be a gift as well. I am a poet and a therapist.

Blessings and best wishes to you and your family, and thank you Justine for this useful and compassionate website.

Your comments are kind and professional, and I have enjoyed reading them. Dear Leonie and Susan, out of the posts here both of yours resonant with me.

Usually just when with one or two very close people. I do go back and read sentences over again in case I missed something it takes me months to finish a book!

He said it in a good way so I think being possibly autistic or having Aspergers is a positive good thing, despite all the awkwardness and social pain we have experienced through life.

I think I should investigate it more.. Dear Leonie, I have replied to your comment via Susan who commented on yours, below. Take care, Dominic.

My name is Rachel, I am 44 and currently reside in SC. I will definitely be talking to my doctor about this at my next appointment! Especially thinking about all the things people have said to me about me from childhood to the present!

Thank you for your quiz! Hi Toni As I have mentioned in previous comments, a good place to begin is by talking with your family doctor.

It is important to find a professional that is familiar with autism and spectrum disorders. You doctor may be able to point you to such a person.

Studying on this subject I was shocked to see the symptoms that were very familiar to me. I have taken your test, and scored At my age I am wondering if it is worth getting diagnosed, but I also thought it might be helpful, especially for his parents.

This has helped me tremendously with my mood swings, behavior, and concentration, so I would like them to try this with my grandson. If I had the diagnoses it might help to encourage them.

Thanks for such an informative site. I can relate with a lot of what most people have written especially Jo. Day dreaming is my life and play acting scenarios — real and unreal, prospective and retrospective is my expertise.

It drains me but I cannot help it. Almost every scene of my life is acted in my head prior to and after it happens, and I beat myself up when I think of what I may have done wrong in a past scene.

In fact, it was like Jo knew most of the things I do in secret and of course the ones I cannot hide even when I am pretending to be normal.

I love my house and adore my bed and I have been indoors so much especially on my bed that it worsened my arthritis due to lack of exercise. My score was 46 and my son has a diagnosis of autism.

However, it never crossed my mind to get a diagnosis as I felt I could manage ok — in my head of course. I have blamed myself for not being able to do it but sometimes I think I did the wrong programme.

I love my house and will happily stay indoors for 1 year with my husband and kids but I need a career that I can enjoy and pursue and execute my responsibilities.

Please will a formal diagnosis help me identify the best course of action with respect to career choice for me and generally moving on?

I have a BSc, an MSc and probably will obtain an mphill if I can write up this work but I still do not know what to do with my life especially when I think of all the difficulties I face and will face with social interaction, changing routines and dealing with the assumptions that plague our every day life.

I love organising things and planning out things, projects and so on but I have lost every confidence in myself due to this recent situation.

I know I am bright and a lot of people tell me that but truly I am a nervous wreck who needs help. People on the outside see the opposite though because I pretend to be someone else.

Recently things have happened that my defence wall has fallen apart in school and I felt really exposed and it was really terrible.

Not sure how long my defences in public will hold. Please how do I move forward from here. I appreciate any suggestions. Many thanks and God bless.

My recommendation to you is to go and talk to your family doctor. Your doctor may be able to advise you directly or else may be able to point you in the right direction to someone who is more able to assist you.

Growing up I had cousins who used to joke about me having autism. It never bothered me, but I never fully understood what it was. When I dropped out of high school sophomore year I pursued online classes and got my diploma that way.

When I started my first semester I was excited, but as the weeks go by it gets harder and harder eventually leading to me dropping most of my classes.

The only classes I ever stayed in were computer classes I love computers and technology so they were the only ones I ever stayed in. Even for my love of computers though I still find it difficult pursuing a specific major and constantly change it.

And when I gain a new interest I drop everything and it becomes an obsession. I become so involved in the stories, characters, and game mechanics.

I often find myself replaying some games over and over. Going into a bank and making a simple deposit, making a phone call to an insurance company, going to job interviews.

Frightening, because I really am just that weird girl who plays video games all day. I would like one though.

I got a 41 on this test. Dear Justine, Thankyou for making this test available, my wife asked me to do this test, we have been married for 33 years, and she has had to put with me all this time, my score is 37, obviously this is significant, and I will need to follow this up, as I had no idea I had aspergers, but I knew I looked at things differently to most people, thanks again.

Hello, Justine! Thank you very much for those tests! I have 45 years and I realize from childhood that I am different, but have no idea that I have Asperger Syndrome or Autism.

Thank you again! God bless you! However I have been diagnosed with ADHD by a different psychiatrist and the symptoms do seem to accord a little better with my daily life.

It seems to me that there may be a very grey area between the quiet sort of aspie who is fairly happy to be left alone in their own little world and the inattentive ADHD-er who presents in a similar-ish way.

Perhaps it is a matter of degree of severity of impairment that separates these two presentations but I wonder if, in the near future, there may be voices seeking to link these two conditions much more closely.

I have read Diane M. Any thoughts on this matter Justine? My score on the scale was As you say, you do not need it to make you feel better about yourself.

But understanding why difficulties arise in social situations certainly can be a helpful blessing. I fully agree with that. Keep in mind too that it is possible in many cases for a person to have more than one condition or disorder.

Also totally true is the fact that we are all individuals, all made to be unique and special in our own way. Hence yes it can be more difficult to come to a clear and concise diagnosis in some cases than in others.

I wish this was not the case, but it is. I honestly do not know the answer to your question on research linking ADHD and Autism more closely together.

I would love to hear from other visitors as to your own experiences with this topic. Please reply and leave your comment here. I found there are some huge differences between autism and aspergers, but some very common traits as well!

ADHD and autism are very different! ADHD is I believe is a naturally higher energy level, which I think is to do with a chemical inbalance with in the body, autism is the way you brain functions.

It can be seen in a catscan the different parts of the brain that shows activity….. Without knowing anything about you, that it was I can think of that would be mainly relatable.

While someone with aspergers are usually quiet and prefer to be on their own, someone with high functioning autism is usually very interactive.

Personly, I found that having a diognoses as a child is helpful because of the assistance with education. When my partner was diognosed at 35, I was asked what would we like to do about it?

Many people have social problems because they are shy, and I was extremely shy as a child. So had many problems with social problems and always sought to be alone, like being in forest.

But it was when I saw on the internet that Aspergers also involves sound. The blinking and loud sound of game shows or anything like that was always very irritating.

Also would notice sounds that no one else would hear. My score was borderline. Thanks for at least giving me an indication that this is something I should seek further information on.

I also find sounds irritating. Also often hearing sounds that others seem to not really hear. In searching for information for my grandson who we suspect may have Autism he has a half brother who has Autism , I came across this site, and having taken the test myself and scored 36, I am quite shocked to find that I may have Aspergers myself and this may more closely reflect my grandsons traits also.

It sounds like it would be a very good idea to have your grandson professionally diagnosed to see if your suspicions are correct. The interesting thing is that they are all different people with different personalities, though some have similar traits.

Well, scoring a 33 is a good indicator too, I suppose. Also I love staying at home rather than going to parties, I like silence, and all my interests and carreer choices point in one direction — that I prefer being alone.

I now know that trying to be those things would most definitely not make me happy! I am at times very self-aware. I obsess over subjects or interests, and have learned that these interests may have a peak and then drop after a while, after which I no longer feel any interest in them.

Others stay with me — like knitting, a skill I practice several hours a day if I can! I do also obsess over films and tv shows, which I suppose is less beneficial, but certainly fun.

Our age of streaming and Netflix fits my tastes perfectly, because I prefer watching only one tv show at a time.

And of course I have knitting stitch markers with a Supernatural theme while knitting a Supernatural inspired shawl together with other Supernatural fans on Ravelry.

Other knitters will understand. I have one particular friend who likes to discuss this kind of things in great detail, but I have a hard time keeping up interest.

Which makes me feel stunted and callous. I prefer problems that can be solved at once, in a practical manner, rather than mulling over issues that may or may not be resolved.

However, ask me about anything to do with my profession, or areas in which I am skilled, and I can happily chat about it for a long time.

I do, however, remember that I should let other people talk and that I might be seen as annoying if I hog the conversation, but this is somehting I need to be conscious about — it does not come naturally to me!

I also need to be conscious about eye contact and remember to not only look at one eye, but occasionally look at their other eye as well!

I have become better at fine-tuning this, however, and believe I make the impression in others at being very knowledgeable. Which I am, but only in the subjects that interest me.

In the early days of our marriage he had a habit of looking at me lovingly over the dinner table, and i literally quailed under what for me was an intense stare.

I had to tell him to stop! Now that we have two children to keep an eye on, this is no longer an issue.

I have a tendency to play out verbal fights with people in my mind. It feels like practicing for a real fight if I should happen to end up in a real fight one day.

It tires me out and makes me edgy, but I have in the last few years begun to recognize this type of negative thought patterns and try to snap out of it if I can.

After having children, new areas of social interaction opened. Every day I pick my children up from kindergarten and I have to interact with other parents and the staff.

All of which makes me uncomfortable. My kids get invited to birthday parties, and I encourage my husband to take them there — he has come back several times and told me he was the only dad present at the party.

Just the other weekend we had my siblings and their children visiting, and though we were outside, the sheer number of people a whopping 5 adults and 7 children!

Thankfully my husband is understanding and he knows now that I need clear instructions for what to do. This way I have something hands-on to do, and I also get a moment to myself in the kitchen to collect my thoughts.

For example, I believe my face is very animated when I talk. I also have a lot of inflexion in my voice. I smile and laugh a lot, and make other people laugh.

In addition, I am happy to let people hug me — at least I think I am … I do not hug people, but I let them hug me. I do hug my husband, though. And my kids.

I am lucky to have a best friend who, though we might not speak in months, I fall right back in the old jargon with whenever we do meet.

She understands me and know how I work, and also — in another nice, symmetrical way — we share the same first name.

I also have a strong dislike of the telephone, and rarely answer or call back — I prefer emails and text messages. The only ones I regularly talk to on the phone are my mother and my husband.

Well, this got a bit long and rambling. I am also worried that this might make others relate to me differently.

It is always a pleasure to read our viewers comments and thoughts. I also find that I feel more comfortable less pressured or stressed replying via texts or emails as opposed to phone calls.

Anyway, I loved reading your story. So thank you and all the very best for the future. Thank you for sharing your story.

So much of what you said resonates with me. I truly understand! I scored I learned recently that when I was in elementry school, my teacher suspected autism but one of my parents refused to allow any form of testing to be done because they thought that would make it go away.

Denying reality only delays recovery, the moment we gain awareness of our issues and start seeking help. Also, I hope you have some sort of friend and equal, not a parent, neither a professional that understands and supports you.

Be very honest with professionals, and try to be as active and constructive as possible during therapy. I did score a 26 on this test. It is however difficult to ascribe my symptoms to the many facets that are specific to my existence.

I have MS. I suffer from depression. I am a mixed race individual. I grew up with an alcoholic step-father and somewhat narcissistic, though well meaning mother.

Any advice on where to seek help go to neurologist,psychiatrist or provide some reflection on my situation.

Hi I did your test and I scored I already have been told that I have aspergers as I was diagnosed in I have been in denial ever since because to me its just a label and it kills me to think that I am different to other people.

What is worse is that I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters all diagnosed with aspergers! So I am guessing that it runs in families.

I Just did my own thing most of the time. It is now September and so you are probably starting your course. I truly do wish you all the best with it.

I hope that you can develop the skills that you will need to move into your desired career. I have a large family, making up for my lack of friends.

I hated high school, but in college I managed to join a fraternity, one of the best moves ever for me. Instant structured friends.

Had the time of my life. Still keep in touch sometimes. All my other friends have come thru work relations. Many times I have thought I needed an instruction manual for life.

I stuttered really bad from 1st grade till about 11th, made communication that much worse. I am married, no kids, and am relatively successful and happy.

I am planning on getting a diagnoses at some point. It is great to hear that you have a supportive marriage relationship. You also seem to have chosen well with your career in programming.

This is also a fantastic support. So well done! After nearly 20 years of struggling through a romantic relationship my wife who works with developmentally challenged adults she suggested I might have Aspergers.

So I got curious and started educating myself about it and the more I read, the more I could see the Aspie in me. Whenever I find myself in a social situation, especially with new people, I can only last a very short time like a couple of minutes before I start to feel stress and panic and then start looking for a way out.

Any excuse would do. Going to the bathroom, going out for a cigarette, anything that could serve as an excuse to exit the social situation long enough for my anxiety to die down.

I see them smiling and talking casually with each other and I always wondered how they do it? And moreover why they seem to like it.

This usually happens when I state facts about a situation without taking into account that the facts are hurtful to someone or might show them in a bad light.

The body language or facial expressions I do pick up on are just by chance and on the rare occasion I see them the only way I can interpret them and comprehend them for what they are is because over the years through repetition and after repeated social failures I have memorized many of them.

One of the biggest problems I have with people besides the eye contact thing is that they can be so damned unpredictable. I can say something to one person without offending them in the least but say the exact same thing to someone else and they might start crying or get angry.

Somehow they know how to interact with others in a way that almost always ends in a friendly fashion. So at a very early age, to avoid the anxiety that came with every social encounter, I started finding activities that I could do alone.

One thing I really loved was computers and electronics, particularly digital electronics. They were nice and predictable for me. I could put something in and expect a predictable outcome.

Haha, I just had a vision of how the rest of you must see me sometimes when I try to interact with you. The movie War Games.

Remember your VCR always flashing ? For me that was a perfect excuse to exit an uncomfortable social situation.

While the rest of you were chatting it up, I could go to that VCR and in a few minutes figure out how to set the time for you. Which was a huge success for me because I survived our first social encounter without making you my enemy.

When the personal computer became common in most homes it was like a godsend for me. Looking back I can remember many occasions when someone would complain about a computer problem they were having and without hesitating I would volunteer to fix it.

It was perfect for me, I could stare at the screen instead of the person. Another activity that came naturally to me was music.

I loved figuring out how to replicate the music I heard on the radio or a record or even just in my head. In fact on many occasions I might hear an interesting part of a song or series of notes on the radio and hours later sit down and figure out how to play it like it was recorded in my mind.

Originally I played saxophone in school band but despite their repeated efforts I never learned to read music. I could never make the connection between sounds and sheet music.

I tried playing in a rock band as well but found playing solo was really what I was interested in. We might go months on end without talking but when we do connect again it seems like we can pick right up where we left off without missing a beat.

You might think that having only one friend is a lonely way to go through life but for me it works just fine. I am a very good computer technician and at one point I was head of the MIS department at my work but the department head meetings and the office environment in general was so stressful for me I had to get out of there and find something less socially demanding.

So now I work the night shift as a railroad engineer and in a typical night I might have to interact with 8 or 10 people but mostly over the radio which is very easy for me, only 2 or 3 poor souls ever have to deal with me in person and bless them for tolerating me the way they do.

Believe it or not, with the exception of the fact that I typically only get hours of sleep a day, working nights for the railroad is actually a pretty good fit for me.

In fact much of my free time is spent sitting at the computer with one little light on so I can see my keyboard and the rest of the house dark.

Probably why the night shift seems to work out ok for me. Anyway like the rest of the people here I am very relieved that this thing has a name and that I might not be totally crazy.

Oops just noticed this is three pages long. Guess I got carried away. It certainly can be draining. At least that has been my experience.

She let me take this test on her computer, and I scored a I have consistently scored a 36 ever since. I do seem to show the symptoms: I have trouble making friends because I am really awkward with conversations; I suddenly become frightened and often start crying, usually without having any idea why.

She says I act distant and unfeeling, though I disagree with this. Hi Thanks for stopping by and checking out my website.

It is always appreciated when readers leave a comment. I can relate to the feelings that you expressed about your mom, I have had similar with my own.

It is still not easy even today. But if you can share your struggles with another trusted family member or friend then that may be helpful to you.

I took this test recently with an Autism specialist and scored The subsequent testing in the 4 categories gave me a score of over which appears to perhaps be a different testing as that would have been out of a guessed.

The result has very much ruled a straight line through situations that have dotted my entire life and I am now able to seek specific help.

I am able to function fairly well with neurotypicals and am 38, married and have 3 children, all of which have been quite difficult.

I now am able to actually explain to people how hard I have to overcompensate on a daily basis which of course makes me extremely tired.

It was only a chance comment some months back by the only real friend I have and who has known me for 25 years that my life problems might be autism related.

I having taken the ASQ test where I scored I know this is not conclusive as a diagnoses, and as things stand I have no immediate intention of going sown the diagnoses route.

I am in the fortunate position of being in a well paid and secure job, thus I am able to afford private counseling.

Although she cannot diagnose, she is quite certain that I sit somewhere on the Autistic spectrum. Fascinating read. I know that I have got much to work through, the frustration, anger, confusion, anxiety to name a few.

But things are starting to make sense. My only goal is to hopefully live what is left om my life with some form of peace.

Thank you for leaving your thoughts on our blog website. Thanks too for mentioning that book. It is one I have heard of but have not read.

I will check it out. I am glad to now have a better understanding of it. I have found a similar thing happen to me. Can talking to a doctor actually help?

What would it be helping me with? Hi Nell Some people do find that it does help to talk to their doctor, but not everyone decides to do that.

It is totally a personal decision that you need to make perhaps with the help of trusted loved ones, such as parents of other role models in your life.

Only a professional trained in this field can give you such answers after meeting you and talking with you. If you are comfortable with who you are and the skills you have to relate to others and to live in modern society then you may decide that you do not need to follow up further.

If on the other hand you feel concerned about things that you are struggling with then you may decide that it may be worth a trip to your family doctor to discuss your concerns.

Keep in mind too that the younger you are, if and when, you do obtain a formal diagnosis then it may be easier for you to learn new skills in relating to others and the world around you.

Just something to think about. Growing up was rough, but holding multiple college degrees in the hard sciences came easy for me.

Now that I am approaching middle-age, life is better than it has ever been. The best advice I have for someone who has aspie-like behavior is to just own it and use it to your advantage.

Aspie people are solution providers. If you have an engineering problem or need to break a spaghetti mess of a situation into something more manageable, an aspie can do it.

You might not read fiction for pleasure but having pi memorized to the tenth decimal place will surely be handier at some point.

Or, four times arctangent of one if you want an exact definition of pi, depending on your needs. The point is, aspie people are rarely roadblocked if they come across one.

A further research paper indicated that the questionnaire could be used for screening in clinical practice , with scores less than 26 indicating that a diagnosis of Asperger syndrome can effectively be ruled out.

It is also often used to assess milder variants of autistic-like traits in neurotypical individuals. Although most students with an autism spectrum disorder have average mathematical ability and test slightly worse in mathematics than in general intelligence, some are gifted in mathematics [14] and autism spectrum disorder has not prevented some adults from major accomplishments.

The questionnaire was tried on Cambridge University students and a group of 16 winners of the British Mathematical Olympiad to determine whether there was a link between a talent for mathematical and scientific disciplines and traits associated with the autism spectrum.

Mathematics, physical sciences, and engineering students were found to score significantly higher, e. The average score for the British Mathematical Olympiad winners was From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Alexithymia Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder Anxiety disorder obsessive—compulsive disorder Late talker Epilepsy Fragile X syndrome Hyperlexia Savant syndrome Sensory processing disorder Intellectual disability Developmental coordination disorder Multiple complex developmental disorder.

Autism-related topics Fictional characters Schools. Autism resources. Autism outline spectrum. Autistic art Autism spectrum disorders in the media Fictional characters Films about autism Circle of Friends Neurodiversity Medical model of autism Societal and cultural aspects of autism.

The information below shows you the different ranges as recorded from others sitting this same AQ quiz over the years. Schon hatte man Gene und 44 Genorte identifiziert, die für die Entwicklung von Asperger eine Rolle Bet Side könnten. Folge Autismus-Kultur:. Alle Cookies, die für die Funktion der Website möglicherweise nicht besonders erforderlich sind und speziell zur Erfassung personenbezogener Daten des Benutzers über Analysen, Anzeigen und andere eingebettete Inhalte verwendet werden, werden als nicht erforderliche Cookies bezeichnet. Kostenloser Online Test. Diese Tests wurden von Novoline Games Online Spielen. Die Inhalte auf Autismus-Kultur erstelle ich unabhängig davon. Holden Kostenlos Video Downloaden Handy Doug Cook says:. But I would love to hear what other readers think on this subject. February 10, at pm. They are just as preoccupied with their lives as I am. To all of you young people who are so frustrated and angry at what life has dealt you as I was— find your bliss! D said: B cheated. They try to diagnose bipolar at 300 Chf Euro point. As a poet and painter, I see things, and translate vision directly into Aq Test or drawings. I showed it to my daughter who we have always suspected Maggie Online Gucken was borderline Aspergers but had no resources to check.


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